Not So Lucky Charms

Margaret - Enfield, Connecticut
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Skill is supposed to outdo luck. Whether or not you spilled salt the morning of a big science test is not supposed to actually affect your grade. Yet for me, luck seems to always change the outcome of my day. I believe in luck, especially the bad kind. This kind of luck has proven its existence in my universe many times over. From my experiences with exam week, to various haircuts, to new clothes, bad luck has been ever present.

Exam weeks here at Suffield have always been difficult for me. My main problem is nervousness. My freshman year I decided I would wear my Mom’s lucky charm bracelet to help calm my nerves. She used to wear that bracelet whenever she had a test in middle school. I figured that if it helped her get through a stressful time it would help me. However, much to my despair a charm fell off a day before exams started. The charm was a graduation cap. That same day I became extremely ill. After vomiting numerous times my Mom and I concluded I had the stomach bug. I missed every single one of my exams that week.

I currently have not received a haircut or trim in almost a year. This is because of my devastating history with haircuts. I believe this haircut hex all started when I was really little, the day I decided to give myself a haircut. Needless to say, the haircut I gave myself was horrible. So bad in fact no professional hairdresser could disguise or cover up what had been done. So, I had to live with it for a while. That really did not bother me much because of my age. However, as I got older haircuts still seemed to get worse. Once when my hair was quite long my mother decided to give me bangs. My frizzy, curly hair curled much more on my bangs because of the lack of weight, while the rest of my hair was reasonably straight. It was the perfect hairstyle, for a mullet. I lived with this hairstyle for about 2 years. Pictures from that time still haunt me. Also, just four years ago I decided I wanted a shoulder length haircut. The hairdresser kept making mistakes and was therefore cutting more and more off. Eventually it was so short that if I didn’t straighten my hair, in combination with my tomboy style I looked like a boy. Again, the photographs still scare me.

My mother always tells me to avoid wearing white on spaghetti night. She says that if you do, you are just asking to ruin a perfectly good shirt. In my family no one ever spills, unless of course they happen to be wearing a light colored, new top. Therefore, my whole life I have avoided wearing this type of garment while eating something potentially messy. However, coming to Suffield Academy has posed a challenge. I never know what I’m going to be eating for lunch or dinner when I get dressed in the morning for school. Therefore, I have had many unpleasant encounters between my new clothes and dinning hall food. My freshman year I was a lunch waiter. In the spring I got a new white and light green dress that I happened to wear to school on sloppy Joe day. I obviously was not about to risk ruining my new dress so I settled for a salad instead. However, bad luck was not about to give up on ruining my dress just yet. When I got up to bring my tray up and walk to the dish room, another waiter dropped his tray in front of me. The bowl of sloppy Joe meat splattered everywhere, but mainly on me. No amount of bleach could remove those stains.

Despite all the skeptics who would argue it is not luck but unfortunate moments in life that cause these things to happen, I still believe it is. Luck has touched my life too many times for me to deny its presence. Despite the fact bad and good luck have displayed themselves equally, it is the bad that is certainly the most memorable. It makes for the best stories and laughs. It helps us learn from each other and ourselves. Bad luck may be unpleasant, but it can also be very valuable. This is why I believe.