Morals and Values

Adriana - Catonsville, Maryland
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Where have our morals and values gone? This I believe, that our morals have gone with the wind. With the way everyone lives their lives, they only have time to think about themselves.

I know this person who once thought they had family and friends around them and then one day she looked up and everyone was gone. Her friends were busy and rarely called her, her best friend moved away, and shortly there after her only child and grandchild moved cross-country. Shortly thereafter, she got the news that she has a life threatening disease. She didn’t want to burden her child with the news and also thought; based on how busy her friends’ lives are and how little contact she has with them because of their busy lives that this kind of news would only burden their lives. Why did she think this? Maybe it’s because every tine she called them their first comment was, “Gee, haven’t heard from you in a while.” Her response being, “yeah, I know, but I’ve been in working a new job and in school and, sorry, but when I do have time to call, I’m trying to rest up”., but what about them? Why don’t they call? Why is it okay that if you’re married or have a boyfriend, that it’s okay to call when you get a chance, but it’s not okay if your single to take time off for yourself? Single people, even when they don’t date, need time to themselves.

She finally decided, at last, to call her best friend who lives out of state, with the news of her illness. Her best friend was of course, totally supportive. After hearing her frustrations, he advised her to be honest with her child and her family. He calls her more often now and even her ex-husband is helping. Why does it take an illness to make people pay attention and veer away from themselves and their selfish ways? Funny how when something like this happens, the good finally comes out in people and people begin to evaluate their lives and how they’re living their lives. We should live each day as though it where our last and people should cherish each other as though they might never see each other again.

Her illness may be cured, there is always hope, and then what? Does everything go back to the way it was before? That’s what so many of us do every day. And when that doesn’t work out, we have regrets. Christmas is the one special time of year where most of us believe in miracles and change. If we carried Christmas in our hearts all year long, we would have no regrets.