A Hope Came True

Baltaj - solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change, family

My new house looked just like I had pictured,” perfect and typical”, white as the snow in winter, ordinary like any other home… My mother was in the kitchen cooking like any other day in the afternoon coming from a hard day of work and me just lying around the couch watching t.v. after finishing my homework. Like usual my father would be coming half an hour later from work than my mother. My father walked into the house from the dark night outside and sat down at the round gray table in the kitchen and murmured “have you seen the houses these days?, there are some pretty big houses up for the same prices back in the day for small little apartments”. My mother went into a discussion like usual and me just ignoring it because an average 13 year old wouldn’t be concerned too much about the things going around him at that age.

I get bored listening to them all the time. This time it was different, the discussion went onto a topic about moving. Those words hit my head like a brick, I was shocked to hear that word, and my face was stiff as a rock. I then, for a change, came into their discussion and said “wait, what’s going on?” My mother looked at me for a couple seconds and repeated “We might move and still stay here in Ohio”

“same city”

I asked “of course” my mother said. And you would never guess what I had felt; I was jumping up and down. I was happy because I knew if it was in the same city it just meant we are going to have a way bigger house and I wouldn’t leave my friends.

Over a couple months I started to forget all about moving and thought it might not happen. The only time my parents were talking about moving is when there would be news about the economic crisis the country was facing and how it can effect the selling of our current home, leading to the slow pay of a new home. Sometimes there were many discussions about a person my mother talked about who was a realtor, I had heard much about her and she was a close friend of my mother. I was confident and kept telling my self my parents will figure out something and then we will eventually move from the boring house I was living in.

It was the middle of summer; my friends and I were playing basketball, out melting in the heat. I came back into the house for a cold cup of water; it was just me and my sister because my parents were working. I had got a phone call while I laid on my couch. I picked up the phone, it was my mom “your father and I have talked to the realtor and we have found a great home…” I was happy to hear that, I knew that houses these days were cheap because of the economy, it was a horrible thing but yet an advantage for me for having a greater chance of moving into a bigger house.

I have always dreamed of having a larger house, a cozy one, and a place to have a flat backyard so I can play soccer with my friends. My parents had been home the next day they said “the house is just like you would picture if we were too barely describe it to you, we know what type of house you would probably be thinking of, you will be astonished to see it” That just made me so impatient to see the house. We finally went to the house which my whole family has been talking about.

There in the summer sun laid my new home. My new house looked just like as I had pictured,” perfect and typical”, white as the snow in winter, ordinary like any other home out there and in the distance. My parents told me we were just going to see the house but it turned out to be a surprise for my sister and me. We all came in too the large doors and bright white entrance and walked right under a large bright crystal filled chandelier into a wide hallway and we entered the modern kitchen. My parents were talking to each other and then they said “kids we are moving in this house, and we have finalized the deal with the realtor, we are moving in for sure” That moment was like being a singer on a stage in a huge silent auditorium after a performance with a huge crowed amazed and ready to jump out of their chairs. My eyes were gleaming and I had never felt so flabbergasted.