We Will Win

Spencer - Solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This whole time I thought it wasn’t worth it, the late night practices, the non-stop skating, the criticism; he didn’t know what he was yelling about, all he did was frustrate me, but I wasn’t even thinking about how are team was benefitting from these elements. One of the happiest days of my life was when my hockey team won CSHL championship. All of the hard work and pain paid off in the end. I couldn’t believe that all the agonizing pain actually helped us become champions.

The first day of tryouts, was proof that if I made this team it was going to be a lot of work. All we did was skate to show coach who had endurance. The second day we worked on drills to show our puck–handling skills. The third and final day of tryout was a scrimmage to see how we played in game situations. After the three days of hard-work, we found out who made the team. I made it and had to be at practice the very next day.

The first day of practice was worse than tryouts. Not only did we skate, but we had to do bear crawls, tire throws, and we had to push the goal across the ice five times. It might sound easy because the goal slides, but it’s not easy when the coach is sitting on the goal yelling and screaming to work harder. I have never been so sore in my life than I was after that practice. I didn’t like the coach already.

Our first regular season game was coming up and we were prepared. I could smell a victory waiting for us. The team we were going to play was Cleveland Heights. We ended up winning the game 6-2. We went into the locker room happy that we won and all excited, but there was one person who wasn’t…Our coach. He was as angry as a tiger is when it’s hungry. He shouted every word in the book that was equal to “You Suck”, except he was a little more vulgar. It was like I could see steam coming from his head. He was so angry witch made us angry. This lit a fuse under me and everyone of are teammates.

Every game that we won that season, our coach criticized us which made us want to perform better. About half-way through the season I found out why he was doing this. He was trying to get us mad so we would try harder and become better to win games.

That season, we won all of our games except for two against the same team. That one game took the CSHL season banner away from us. Elyria won all of there games but one. This got us madder and made us want to beat them down in the playoffs. We had two weeks to get ready for the playoffs.

Over the two week period, all I did was believe that we could win and work my hardest towards that. We showed up two weeks later in Rocky River, and crushed them in the first round. Then we had to fight against Strongsville to beat them in the second round. This took us to the championship. Since they beat us in the regular season, they thought they could crush us in the playoffs. But they were wrong… We came out fighting and never gave up for the whole game. We beat Elyria 7-2 and won the CSHL playoffs.

This proved how our coach believed in us, but pushed us a little hard. This made me believe that we could go all the way, which we did.