I Believe in Equality

Kimberly - Solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

This I Believe…

I believe in equality. As I walk down the hallway of hate, I hear people discuss about people, calling them names, and then making fun of them behind their backs. Later they act nice to them if they want something. Then I see that people are hurting kids feelings because the kid is “different”. No they’re not different. What exactly classifies some one as “different”? Their clothes? Height? Or Race? No its people that classify them as “different”, really they’re the same as everyone else. It seem like people choose to pick on someone for the pleasure.

In 7th grade, a group of bullies picked on half the kids in the class, including me and my friend. They called us names. I always wanted to find a way to dodge it, but I couldn’t just push away my problems. I had to standup for myself. I knew that if I ignored them, they would eventually just stop. If they weren’t getting enjoyment out of it what was the point in doing it? They did it to impress each other but in the long run it wouldn’t really be impressive. After a while it would just get annoying. They stopped because I did something. I am equal to them. They’re not better just because they know how to make some one feel down.

I believe in equality. People should not be classified as different or special because every one is diverse and special in there own way. If people are treated how they wanted to be treated then every one would be pleased. But life is not that way there is always that one bully that drives along the road of life. We are all similar and we are all diverse. I am different but so is everyone.