I believe in music

kristen - solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

As I rushed home from school to watch Barney, I heard the musical notes of the trumpet that my grandfather treasuerd and it hooked me like the smell of an apple pie baking in the oven. I was 5 when I heard my first Jazz song and that was the beginning of my love for music. My grandfather was a trumpet player back when he fought in the war and he loved music Billy holiday, and Donnie Hathaway which made me love music, now when ever I came home from school instead of watching Barney I would ask my grandfather to play me some jazz music and he would turn on the radio to his favorite jazz station and let ride like a nice Cadillac until I went home. I loved the sound of jazz, the way it was so smooth that you could just close your eyes and just let the note play in your mind like the your first time going to Disney world.

I used to ask my grandfather to take me to school or just go for a ride just so I could listen those beautiful jazz notes on his favorite jazz station. The times that we would listen to music would be our bonding times, which made us become closer and those are my most missed memories of my grandfather since he died.

I use to love the way he would show new ways of playing music like making trumpet sounds with his mouth and playing the pots and pans and it made me love music even more.

I believe that music is the key to happiness and through and with music you can have bonding time with a special person and you can have those memories forever. I believe that because when I was introduced to jazz through my grandfather that was the beginning of our really good friendship and it helped use spend time together before he died of cancer. Music is something that I live for it the key to my happiness. Its the trigger to my smile and I am so blessed and so grateful that I got a change to hear and learn jazz from one of music’s biggest fans, my grandfather.