I Believe that God is everywehre

Aaron - Solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The morning of July 10th, it was a cold and gloomy day. I was skipping out of my temple. Relief washed over me. I’m so happy that it was over, now I had to go to a party. It all started on January 25th, I waddled into the temple to meet my cantor. Today, the day of all days, the day I start my Bar Mitzvah studying. I believe that God is everywhere.

January 25th, I had to practice every day for brutal hours, I felt like a slave, always working. Practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice my parents always in a yelling voice, telling me. I could not take it any more. I can’t read Hebrew. But one day I practice for hours and I got the 1st prayer done. That’s when I believed that God had helped learn that 1st prayer.

“Aaron you have to practice,” said mother in a cruel voice.

I said, “I will later”

“No now” she said in a forcing manner.

“FINE” I mumbled.

February 10th, I could read Hebrew extremely well, or I thought I could, but it was translated in English. It became easier and easier. It was like someone learning how to ride a bike, after a lot of practice, it becomes easier, you adapt to it. I memorize a ton of my prayers. The feeling of fright came when the dwell of doing it in front of a crowd came to me. . What if I made a mistake, will they laugh at me. I would hate if I forgot what to say in the middle of the 3 hour service.

July 10th, the day I have my Bart Mitzvah. Sacredness hit me out of my suit; my legs shaking like a vibrating chair. They would not stop, breathing extremely hard. As the service started I got out and said a prayer. As I finished the prayer everyone joined in. I enlightened to my self this is easy. I pondered that God had helping me. I had to wait 3 hours until it was finally over, but it is not even close yet.

As I finished one of my last prayers, a sign of relief hit me. My parents so excited, they could not wait till it my service came to an end. As the rabbi chirped “as we conclude our service”, I got as sang the last song, Everyone on the balls of their feet, singing, and ready to bolt out of the service to the buffet. We all recited the last word “AMANE”, one tear came from my moms eye. Not a tear of sadness, but a tear of happiness, and excitement. I thought to my self, “it is finally over, no more practicing, time to eat and party all night. God has helped me with my special day today.

As I arrive to the party, I dashed in to the spacious, and filled with food country club. I can’t wait till all my friends and family arrive. The party is going to be so much FUN. Food as long as I could see, all my favorite food. I COULDN’T WAIT. As the party stared I danced and eat with friends. All the adults drank beer all nigh and dance. The party lasted for hours and nobody wanted to stop partying. The party finally came to an end, and my Bar Mitzvah ended. The feeling of happiness took over my body. I can’t believe how fast my whole day went. I believe that God had helped me the whole time, he helped me practice, also doing it in front of a crown. God is always there for people. This I believe.