i believe every thing happens for a reason

Danni - 44139, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

The night was breezy, the cold gave a comfort feeling that I was home, and this was home sweet home. A full house I knew in my heart I was safe. Knowing that, it put heart at ease. But what I didn’t know that I was blind to see the reality that was really happening on the night, a night I will never forget

It all started that night my mom and my older brother Ray and my twin brother Larry were in my mom’s room in her bed actually my older brother was in his room it was a Jackson family thing that every night my mother would tell us a story Ray had grown out of it. My mom use to love to write stories and tell them this particular story was about the brothers they had magical powers they were strong each of them had their own unique power she named the boys after me and my brothers. She said their mom had died who was a powerful witch. She told us how the brothers would embark on this amazing journeys and how their only weakness was to be separate, they were powerful together and together they could fight any evil the demons she use to tell us would try and break the brothers apart to weaken them but some how the brothers would over come this evil fighting side by side together my mom had said after every journey one of the brothers would write to their mom mom’s diary that would be the end of the story.

Me and Larry fell asleep just like my mother’s stories made us .I had woke up in the middle of the night which was uncommon for me because I would never wake up during the night, but this weird time I did. The room was pitch dark Larry was snoring like always but being the middle child I had felt that it was my job to check on my brothers and mom. I turned on the light of my mother’s room. My pupil got smaller then a pea and I was blind for a second or two. When I was able to see I saw Larry sleeping like a baby that made me smile. I glanced over to see my mom’s eyes open still and uncomfortable. It just didn’t seem right to me. How one sleeps with their could eyes open? My mom never. I shook her like a rag doll to tell her she was scaring me but her body was cold as ice and she seemed a little pale she didn’t wake up. I put my ear to her chest I had never seen death but I did watch a lot of TV her heart made no sound. I backed up against the wall started to scream as tears rushed down my cheeks like an avalanche. My twin brother woke up I pleaded to him “look at mommy she’s dead”. He checked her and realized too. He started to cry too he replied to me “go get ray” while he call the ambulance ray didn’t believe me and went back to sleep but it took him for ever to wake up. Knowing my story I reminisce back at all the stories my mom use to tell about these three boys with amazing powers. I believe every thing happens for a reason my mother was suppose to tell me that story on the night of her death she. If you read between the lines the three boys in the story were me and my brothers .she was telling us that no matter what happens to keep each other together. Ray, Larry and I are stronger together for there is no strong power then love and brotherhood. There have been times where things like in my mom’s story have tried to break us apart but we always over come that’s what I believe. We are truly charmed.