I Believe in Caring

Annie - Solon, Ohio
Entered on December 1, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My grandma rests alone at a cramped apartment, even for one person. She received cancer, and she can barely stroll, cook food for herself, or arise. She struggles and strains to find work with good pay because of her frail conditions. She is lonely; her son kicked her out of her house, and her daughter lives halfway around the world.

My grandma has always nurtured for her kids in Taiwan. She would accomplish everything for them and allow them have what they wanted. She labored everyday, until her last bit of energy in her body left her. She would always tend to her kids and prepare food for them. Even when she her head started to whirl and her body started to sweat, or she felt nauseas, she kept functioning. She toiled until her body felt like jelly. She would perform anything for her kids, and she anticipated that one day, they would repay her.

After her daughter, my mom, moved to America, she was stuck with her son and his greedy, cruel, selfish, and inconsiderate wife. She would seize things without asking, and she would presume that she would get money whenever she asked for it. She would disregard my grandma and expect my grandma to cook for her whenever her stomach craved for food. She also trained her kids to hate my grandma.

After a while, my grandma’s body began to deteriorate, and her body barely could budge. She barely had a cent left to provide to her son’s wife. When my aunt determined that she was no use anymore, she ejected my grandma out of my grandma’s own house. “Why can’t you just give us what we want and do what we want you to do?” she screeched, “You are a hindrance in our life. Get out!” My uncle opened his mouth, but his wife glared at him, so no words came out. My grandma was in shock. After all those years she supported and sustained him, he wouldn’t even assist her. Her bones remained frail and fragile, and she had no place to go where she felt comfortable.

My grandma finally obtained a place to stay; it happened to be a cramped apartment. She was lonely and she often bawled. She was miserable and gloomy. She went to the hospital many times, but she has had no one visit her. She longed for a caring family to visit her everyday.

After all that my grandma has executed, she should not have been disregarded like that. She would always protect her kids, support them, and give them what they wanted if she could. Therefore, I believe that you should care for your mom because she was there for you. I learned this when my aunt and uncle neglected to take care of their mom, like she was a piece of garbage. My grandma was in terrible condition after that. From when I was a baby, my mom has always tended for me, and she sacrificed a lot for me. I never really realized how much she has done for me. I don’t intend for my mother to endure as much as my grandma because my mom always seeks to keep me happy. So when her body is weak, I will support her because of all she has achieved for me. She has watched out for me ever since I was a baby, and I really appreciate that. Everyone should care for their mom forever, especially when they are old because their mom always took care of them. This I believe.