Life Philosiphy

ashlee - issaqah, Washington
Entered on November 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe…”

— Serge Kahili King

Back in the 70’s, some scientists invented these small, black boxes that generated random 1’s and 0’s, which created a small graph. These devices were set all around the world.

Back in 2001, the graphs suddenly began to rise. The usual steady line of numbers skewed off into a large bump. Scientists didn’t understand why this was happening. But four hours later, the first plane hit one of the twin towers in New York. After the attack, the graph began to descend back into a steady line again. The scientists began to wonder if these boxes could predict world events. Unfortunately, it could only detect events that stir large amounts of human emotion, like the devastating number of deaths in 9/11. These graphs also began to rise before Princess Diana died. It was able to predict that event due to the thousands of grieving people.

The purpose of this story is not to bore you with bizarre science facts, but to show that everything is connected. Our minds influence the universe and everything in it. We are all one living subconscious mind.

Even though we are all connected, every being sees the world differently; from black-and-white to bright and blinding.

Our five senses are very limited. We only see and hear what our brains are capable of comprehending. But beyond our simple five senses, there are invisible things in this reality that could be right in front of you, like a new set of unknown colors, or a higher degree of overwhelming detail that is too much for our minds to take in. I believe there could be a whole other world right outside your door that we will never be able to perceive.

I also believe in consequences for actions, wether it’s bad or good. I’m referring to the old school Buddhist belief called Karma. It’s simple. If you’re a complete jerk, you’ll receive a stubbed toe or a bad hair day. But if you’re a goodie-two-shoes, then you receive a reward.

I remember one time I was stepping off of the bus and I thought something very resentful and depressing. So, Karma stepped behind me and shoved me down the stairs. I ended up twisting my ankle and limping all the way home with people staring after me.

There is a God. He is us. He is our minds, thoughts, feelings all intertwined to create an upper force that controls the universe. Even though I am not religious, I have said prayers in my head before. Some have actually surprisingly come true the next day, but some have completely back-fired on me. I learned that the failed prayers was just Karma teaching me to do things myself and not pray for it to happen. I was disappointed, but I knew that Karma was right.

To me, life is not random.