I Believe in the Road Less Traveled

Ryan - Canal Winchester, Ohio
Entered on November 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Today people are pressured to follow a traditional path for life. Often people are pigeonholed into a life they never wished for. They sacrifice their lives, families, and selves for a disillusioned dream of prosperity based on the path laid out for them. Call me a rebel, but this I believe—I believe in the road less traveled.

In my life, I have made choices based on what I did not want to happen, rather than what I wished to have happen. As a soon to be college graduate, I have heard so many of my fellow students talk about the dream job they can see themselves working, or the house they will live in, or the sport car they will drive. Many times I ask these students, “how will you get there, and what do you think you’ll have to sacrifice?” The answer I hear most often is the student will go through school, take an internship, work as an accountant (or what have you) and gradually work their way up to management and simply live out the path that has been set before them based on the major they have studied in college, and they’ll do everything they dream while working no more than 9am to 5pm until they are fifty years old.

My thought process is a little different, thus the reasoning for what I believe. I believe the path to a truly enriching life is taking the path less traveled. By being interested and accountable for my own future I have been able to achieve so much, and, in addition to being blessed, it is only due to taking the road less traveled. At the age of twenty-two I am now graduating with a degree, but even before now, I have accomplished much more in my life than many other students could dream of by following the traditional path laid out for them.

I have been a very successful banker and bank manager that has helped hundreds of people organize their finances and achieve their financial goals. I have worked with a leading pediatric institution to communicate life changing research studies, and I have started my own web-development and web-marketing services business. I have married my beautiful wife and traveled the world with her. I’ve also bought my first house as a part of living the American Dream, but an American Dream different from that of many others.

The truth is that we all have the capacity to do great things. I am no one special, other than that I live outside of the boundaries others attempt to set for me. I have been told that I am too young to know anything about banking, that someone without a degree couldn’t know how to start a business or do marketing for a major corporation, and that I shouldn’t marry until I am older. The truth is this is the road most traveled, and it has been much more rewarding believing and living the road less traveled.