This I Believe

Mary - LaSalle, Colorado
Entered on November 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of the “Glow”. It was discovered by my friend and me at the 2008 Colorado State FFA Convention in Sterling, but the whole theory of the “glow” wasn’t proven to be any force until I met Danica Baker. The glow used to just be a thought that helped us give an explanation on why motivating people had affect on us. It was so hard for us to really understand how people could help you feel as though you were capable of achieving even the most out of mind goals. Danica Baker was always known to many FFA members of Colorado by her talent of song and yodeling. So I had always known who she was, but never personally met her. When I finally did she had just gotten out of the holding room for the candidates running for a state officer position. I was working in the t-shirt both that my chapter runs every year, to raise money for the Meining-Davis Scholarship. Danica was trying to calm a crying girl who was about her age. The girl was cut from the group of candidates with about eight others. It was so inspiring to me to see somebody who had not lost their dreams, come and genuinely support somebody who was now sure she would not get the position she worked so hard that year to achieve, instea pulled me aside. “I have somebody you should meet” she said excitedly “she’s running for a state office, I think she has a good chance.” Shannon then pulled me face to face with Danica. “Hi,” she said “Shannon’s told me so much about you.” This started a conversation that lasted until the beginning of the next session. There was something tugging at my mind, something about Danica just gave me a good feeling. She was so positive, and her smile seamed to light up the room. She was willing to talk to me or with that have a whole conversation with me and she had never even met me. Danica Baker was GLOWING! Shannon and I agreed right there in front of her. She was glowing, we were still confused what glowing was, but Danica has helped us to define the meaning. Ever since that day I have met so many people with the glow. This force is different on every person, some stronger than others. The glow is not just how people look, but its more or less known to Shannon and me as how someone carries themselves. The amount of confidence they have in themselves and other is part of that. A person who glows is positive to the end, and believes in the future of others. They strive everyday to help make it know that people’s dreams no matter the size aren’t impossible. Danica is now serving as the State Secretary. This summer at convention I plan to run for a State Office as well. I hope that the power of the glow comes along with me, and I can inspire someone just as Danica did to me.