Amazing People

Shabaz - Greenacres, Florida
Entered on November 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, gratitude

Amazing People

I believe, that that there are some people in this world who only find satisfaction in their lives by giving and there are many who are enjoying the comfort of life because of their benevolence.

Patient, steadfast, caring, hard-working, intelligent some times brutally honest. Women whom I look upon, not different from my mother, however, different in many ways. There has never been a time since I lived in her house, when I felt like an outsider. May be she does not look at anyone as a guest, always embracing people with a warm smile and open arms, someone who is not concerned about people’s affairs; however, always concerned for their well-being.

There have been times in my life that shook my faith; however, her unshakable faith, uncomplaining behavior, and profound belief in God always gave me the courage to believe again.

I never witnessed her eating before she has served everyone on the table; I guess she gets more fulfillment in watching us eat, rather than eating. I learned from her to enjoy and celebrate the little joys in life ranging from getting a good grade, pleasant weather, or seeing someone succeed.

It seemed as materialism never even brushed her side, always content with what she has. One thing which really amazed me of her was, that she never asked anyone to do the simplest task, I guess she got the pleasure in making things easier for others and take all the burden and pressure.

I believe it’s a human nature that each one of us have some weaknesses, so does my aunt. Her weakness is education, some one who carves for information and knowledge and wants her children and people around her to be educated. At age when her daughter started college and a son who is about to graduate, she enrolled in college, and I was not surprised when she choose special education as a major. I believe that God does not come directly and make things happen, however, he uses the resources available on earth to make things happen. I guess God chose her for who she is and the difference she can bring in the life of those children.

Every one live for themselves, but there are few who live for others, they may not realize it, but their actions are always benefiting others. We only realize it when these people are not in our life. One of my favorite author, Ashfaq Ahmed said, “If the preset does not witness the happenings in the past, then the past was forged.” I have heard about women as being perfect as my aunt, but never saw one, but know I realize, that whatever I heard was true, because, I witnessed such a person in present. After coming to America for my studies I used to look for qualities my mother have in other women, but now when I am leaving and going back home, I am afraid that I will be looking for my aunt in my mother.