I Believe in Miracles

Donna - Norfolk, Massachusetts
Entered on November 28, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I Believe in Miracles

I truly believe if it wasn’t for my nephew Cameron I would not have my son Jake who is the love of our life. When Cameron’s life ended my sons life was being created through a miracle, through Cameron. Cameron came into this world as a miracle and as he lived his life he passed on some much love to some many people that he will never be forgotten. He passed on apart of himself to my son, his cousin, and now Cameron will live on through Jake.

Cameron was diagnosed with a heart and lung condition at birth and was not expected to live pass the age of two. But because of Cameron’s strong will to live he surprised everyone, he survived through thirteen years of open heart surgeries, pacemaker implants, feeding tubes, and there was so much more that he endured in his lifetime that made him the most amazing little boy that you could have ever met. It was an honored to be a part of his life from beginning to end and to have shared in all of his hopes and dreams. In all his thirteen years of life he did more then someone would have done in a whole lifetime, Cameron was incredible…

One would have never known that Cameron had such a serious illness he was always so full of life and he brought so much joy to everyone he touched. He would make you smile just looking at his impish grin knowing that he was up to something and usually it was no good! Even on his worst days when he was not feeling well he would always make sure that he made you laugh, he wanted everyone around him to see the happiness and never see the sorrow.

December 13, 2003 almost five years ago, a day that I will never forget, I watched my nephew Cameron take his last breathe of air and then drift off like an angel so peaceful to a better place where he would become our miracle. Cameron would give his life to create his cousin, Jacob Cameron Lawrence Sullivan beginning. And this is why he will always hold a very special place in our hearts, our lives, because Cameron gave us something so beyond belief, a new life, a son, and we could never have done this without him.

After many long years of miscarriages and fertility treatments and no baby I thought our dream had turned into out worst nightmare. Have you ever wanted something so badly and it was right there for you and then suddenly it is snatched away from you with no warning. A miracle that you are creating gone in the wink of an eye, your heart shatters into a million pieces knowing you may never have a child to love…

Two weeks after Cameron’s passing I found out that I was pregnant, I knew Cameron was our miracle. I think Cameron knew that this visit to the hospital would be his last his body had endured as much as it could take. He needed to rest now. Cameron passed his spirit on to embellish our lives with a new beginning, a new life that he made possible. My son was born one month early but he was perfect, it was the most joyous time of our lives to see him come into this world. Once we saw his little face with that impish grin we knew instantly that he would be named after his cousin and he would be as special as he was.

As years pass and Jake is now four years old we have seen so many of Cameron’s traits in him which makes us very happy knowing that he will grow up into an amazing little boy just like his cousin. Cameron was always the cool kid no matter where he was and Jake is following along in his footsteps, his pre-school teacher told me that he is the cool kid in his class. I was so ecstatic when she told me that knowing those qualities were bits and pieces of what made Cameron what he was and now Jake has acquired them as a part of his own personality. These are the things that will live on forever in Jake that Cameron has bestowed upon him and this will be Cameron’s eternity.

There is one thing that makes me sad Jake never had the opportunity to actually meet Cameron. We show Jake pictures and tell him stories of Cameron’s life and I tell him all the time how Cameron was the one who brought him to us. Jake knows that his cousin is in heaven and he knows that Cameron will always be in his heart he will always be his angel and when he needs him he will always be there for him.