Holiday Message to Big Business

Paul R. - Yellow Springs, Ohio
Entered on November 28, 2008
Age Group: 65+


I believe business flourishes in a context of custom and laws created and sustained by generations of Americans on land we all must share. We work in your factories and offices. We follow the rules and laws laid down. We fight and die in our wars. Therefore to a degree America’s fruits are products of all of us. None should have to beg for the share that belongs to them. We do not deserve to have our trust in the system become instrument for financiers to manipulate for their enrichment and our destruction. We do not deserve to have all the fruits of new efficiencies siphoned to those who only sit and wait. As does business in other nations, I pray that you recognize in your bones, without reminder or coercion, and to our mutual benefit, that we are all in this world together and none deserve to be dehumanized by accident of birth or circumstance to be unhoused, unfed, untreated, uneducated in the midst of plenty which, in some small way, we helped create just by being Americans.