Somalia is gone

Abdirahman - phoenix, Arizona
Entered on November 26, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: place, war


For 18 years now Somalia has been at war, thousands of people lost their lives, millions of its people displaced around the world. And yet for the civilian population that still exists in Somalia, they live in constant fear for their lives, they ask them selves when is it my time, time to face the warlords and their guns. Poverty threatens to wipe out a whole generation and calamity their daily initiation. But amid all of this chaos and destruction the people of Somalia try to live there lives but they know the situation can change in a blink of an eye.

War rages on with no end in sight, peace deals broken as soon as they were signed. The people see no hope, all they see is misery in their homes, Children dying of starvation, Men and women crying for salvation. The world looks on as Somalia dies bit by bit as the warlords destroy the country inch by inch. I believe that Somalia is gone never to be found again its people and identity lost due to the war that still rages on. Its people scattered around the world losing their identity one by one, living in other countries as refugees and watching their country go down the drain. Somalia is gone and never to be found again. Its history and future destroyed its culture eroded like the soil and its pride went with the war.

OHHH Somalia when will you realize, that your identity is forever nullified. Your people deserting you, when will the warlords come to agree? Never have I believed. Am afraid that they love the war that they are in, they profit from the death and destruction that they bring. That’s why I believe Somalia is gone and never to be found.