Mary Frances - USA
Entered on November 26, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in dedication. I think it is very important to be committed to what one does. I think that if I am expecting to do well at something, I have to be dedicated to it. I think anyone can be dedicated at anything, from school and getting good grades, to athletics, playing an instrument, or being in drama. I believe dedication can help accomplish one’s goals. For example, if one wants to be the fastest runner on the team, then he or she has to be dedicated by coming to practice everyday and working hard. In addition, I believe that he or she cannot give an excuse for not being able to go to practice, like having a dentist appointment or not feeling well because of a runny nose. I feel that if one is dedicated, he or she would work on his other activities around practice and even go to practice and work hard when he or she has a cold. I believe that someone has to want to be dedicated at something in order to be dedicated.

Having dedication plays a daily part in my life. I feel that I am dedicated to three activities: school, piano, and swimming. I am dedicated to school because I want to make good grades. I do this by doing my homework every night, and I also study for an upcoming test every day beginning the day I find out about it. I also go to school every day on time. Trips in my family tend to not be planned during the school week. I also go to school even if I am not feeling well. Of course there are exceptions to this, but for the most part this is what I go by. I am also dedicated to the piano because I practice every day for as long as possible. I have even had my piano lesson changed to a longer period of time and I have lessons in the summer even though it is optional. In addition I am very dedicated to swimming. I attend the full practice time everyday. I go to practice even if I am sick. While I am at practice I do all of the sets and work hard. I also go to all of the swim meets that come on the weekends. Going to these swim meets takes a lot of dedication because sometimes warm-ups are at 7:00 in the morning and then the meet lasts about five hours, and then we have to come back that night and swim again. This last for three days sometimes.

I am dedicated to three activities, and because of this there is not much time to do anything else. I have to sacrifice many other fun activities so I can attend piano lessons and swim practice. It does get annoying sometimes when I cannot go to a friends’ house because of a Friday afternoon swim practice. In the end though, I will be glad that I went to practice because that is what makes me faster at the swim meets. I do not think that people understand the dedication it takes to swim. I think that in order for someone to be successful at something he or she has to be dedicated to it.