I believe in Music

Zach - norfolk, Virginia
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the power of music. My ears never stop enjoying music, new or old. When I was young, about third grade, I never listened to music. Music was pointless to me and it gave me no feelings towards life. Music was just notes on a paper played to make money, another way to make a living. As I started to mature and go into middle school I picked up playing cello and that started my whole knack for music. At the time Rap music was constantly around me so I picked up listening to that. The beats of the bass shook my bones while the lyrics were fast and smooth with a nice rhythm. In my household listening to rap and hip hop did not put labels on me because my parents were so accepting to what I wanted to become. I noticed though, when I was out and around with my family people looked at me dirty as if I were something I wasn’t.

Years later, in late eighth grade my good friend matt invited me to go see this band called the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I have never heard of them and I was not particularly into this type of music at the time. Always trying something atleast once, I went and saw them at the Norva. This experience changed my whole outlook on music and the role it played on me.

At first music began as entertainment, but as I grew up it became a lifestyle.

Music is basically you’re identity. Your style, clothing, personality, and appearance is all based off of your musical background. When I was into rap, I dressed like an average black kid. Shirt three sizes to big, pants that sag past my waist, fresh kicks and a fresh edge up. I noticed this is why people would look at me weird. When I started to change my musical background I changed my clothing to. My clothing became tighter, my hair grew out, my personality became more laid back and I have a mindset of “just forget it”.

There are tons of genres of music, my favorite being screamo rock. With each genre has its own perks, styles and followers. Music is more than a sound, or a vibration. Music is whatever you want it to be. Music is the way of life and what society revolves around.

I believe in the power of music.