We Shine Together

Sarah - DeWitt, Michigan
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I first joined DeWitt Fusion three years ago, I had no idea that this mere past time would have such a big impact on my life. From this soccer team, I have learned about myself and I will take with me some valuable lessons as well. I now understand that the key to stardom is the rest of the team.

I remember the beginning of our first season; we were just a bunch of mismatched girls. We all came from different social groups in school, and were seemingly pulled from a random card draw. But we all had something in common; the mutual love of the sport. Halfway through our first year, our record was fair. Although losses dominated the spread, there were wins and ties mixed in as well. Little by little, we were coming together. We were starting to support each other – with a high-five or a pat on the back. During the second half of the season, everything fell into place. My team came home in victory, with medals adorning our necks and trophies in our hands when we won our division title.

As each year passes, players come and go, but the core group stays. In the event of a new player, the situation calls for synchronization from the rest of the team. Each year, the adjustment to the presence of new players has become easier because we are all closer to the same skill level. Sometimes there is gossip and snide comments going back and forth between teammates who don’t agree with each other. Conflicts like these can break a team down and tear it apart. One particular event comes to mind that further reinforces my belief. At one of our practices, a group of players decided that the drill we were doing wasn’t acceptable for them, so they outright refused to perform it. Some of my teammates succumbed to the peer pressure and decided to follow their example and not participate either. Soon my team was split down the middle. As a result, our coach decided to cancel practice early because part of our team didn’t feel the need to engage in it. This experience has taught me that separation of the team only creates negative results and brings the morale of the team down.

As the end of this season draws near, I have come to realize just how important teamwork is in order for our team to be successful. This goes for every accomplishment we make on and off the field. For every goal I saved or made, had my teammates not been there to make that pass or to cover me from behind, my success wouldn’t have been possible. I rely on my teammates for support and encouragement as they do me. It makes winning a whole lot easier, and I’m not just talking about numbers in the end score. When one player shines, we all shine.

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