Confidence leads to courage

Shiloh - Lincoln, Nebraska
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage

It was mid spring at Park Middle school. Anyone could audition to do whatever talent they thought had. Everyone auditioned and now it was my turn. I went on stage and presented one of the poems my teacher had taught me in third grade, and the teachers who were in control of this talent show liked the poem, but that was just the first day. I still had a long way to go and wait for the for the day i had to finally present the poem. Days were speeding up so fast like a race car, and i rehearsed my poem. The day of the performance had finally come. I t was time for the events to begin. People went one or three or four together on stage. Each someone had their turn on stage people gave a round of applause. It was now my turn to go on stage, the first line of the poem i felt a little bit tense,” we children are flowers” but then i looked at the audience, I kind of started to warm up to it and i wasn’t feeling tense anymore until i finished presenting the poem. Afterwards i felt good. Most teachers who heard the poem liked it, and wanted me to present the poem again at a come together meeting for parents. A lot of parents, students, and teachers were there. I was nervous. The principle said what he was supposed to say and now he told the audience i was going to present a poem. I stepped up front. My heart was bumping, I felt like my heart was going to come out of my chest, and my blood was boiling. I felt the heat come over me. I started presenting the poem,” we children are flowers, flowers of the world, for us to grow strong, we need a little spice and that spice is education, please give to us thank you. I was given a round of applause, and i was relieved. Later on i asked my self why i was more tense on the stage when i was presenting to parents, students, and teachers than when i was just presenting to students and teachers. I realized that what kept my feet planted to the floor was my confidence which led me to courage. After this meeting was over, a woman came to me and told me that she liked the poem so i said thank you, and another woman came to me and said she liked the poem, and so i said thank you. I was happy that these women liked the poem because of the way education was been talked about in this poem, and how a few words could have so much meaning. i believe in confidence and courage beacause as long as i live these are keys that will open up the door for me in the future. These two qualities are important, and they are a big help