Amy - katy, Texas
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life is a precious thing that should be valued no matter the size or intelligence of the being. I believe that all living creatures should be treated with respect and deserve a right for life.

I have come to realize my solid belief around 8th grade. I always respected the idea of life, for example not killing bugs, against capital punishment, anti-hunting and so-on. It really hit me one day when I was on the internet and someone sent me an email titled “This is So Sad!” Instinctively, I opened the e-mail, eager to give into my curiosity. There was a little video clip about 3 minutes long that I watched. “What you are about to see, is beyond your worst nightmares…” those first few words are branded in my mind forever. Following those words were a series of undercover video footage from various slaughterhouses in America. Cows being hung by their feet as their throats were slit while fully conscious, chickens being kicked, and pigs collapsing from their own weight were just a few of the things that were shown on this tape. After the video ended, my mind went numb. I didn’t know what to think or how to comprehend what I just saw. Being the obsessive animal lover I am, seeing humans dismember and abuse animals were beyond me. Seeing the video made me think about the value of life, in slaughterhouses a cow isn’t looked at as a gift from god, but as a product. I never really gave the thought of where my food came from and how it got there, but now I knew. The truth hurts; I didn’t know whether to be angry or sad after watching it. Seeing the gory footage gave me a slap of reality and made me decide if I really wanted to be promoting this abuse. The video was promoting vegetarianism, which to me seemed ridiculous at first, considering the lifestyle change. I didn’t know much about the whole idea of vegetarianism; I thought it was just a bunch of hippies who ate lettuce for goodness sake! I looked more into it, and before I knew it I was a full-blown vegetarian. Becoming a ‘veggie’ made me feel better about myself, animals, my health, and even the environment. I mean. I wouldn’t eat my dog so why would I eat a cow?

All living things deserve a chance to life, and deserve to be treated with decency. After watching the video, I have come to realize that all creatures are created equally therefore deserve a life with respect.