Jeremiah - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Love is, as defined by the American Heritage dictionary, to experience deep affection or intense desire for another. But that for most that does not answer it. Love is a perplexing complex of feelings and emotions. When asked what love is, most people do not have a solid answer. I believe that love is an opinion. There is no solid answer to it and that is the purpose of this essay, to explain my reasoning and logic behind my answer.

To me, love is a solid yet mental, emotional objects, something that a man and a woman can feel, embrace, and in itself, love, whether physically or emotionally. And with that, love to me, is a tree. Every time you enter a relationship with someone, in your mind and heart (and if you really wanted to, physically), you plant a sapling. The size of the sapling is dependent on the amount of care and feeling you have for that person. However, I see the sapling as lust. Lust is in all of us. It masks the love that we long for. Some people give in to their lust and continue to want more of it. Those people have many saplings that never come to fruition. But it takes certain things to make this sapling grow. As with all saplings, it takes sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to make it grow. It takes both people in the relationship to supply these needs. If only one person supplies the tree with its needs the relationship will die out as will the sapling. Moving on, as your relationship grows however, the sapling will flourish and grow into a small tree. Eventually, the relationship will blossom as will the tree. When the lust of the relationship dies out, true love begins to blossoms. At this time, the tree has bore a flower. That first, single flower represents the beauty of what your love can be. This could be the hardest part in the relationship and the time that lust can come back into the relationship. This part is fragile and can be easily compromised. Soon though, as your love grows, the tree continues to grow and bear more and more flowers. Finally, when marriage comes, marriage of true love the tree is at its maximum height and flowers are all over the place, like a cherry blossom tree. Their flowers are beautiful and the petals fly all over the place yet the tree looks full. Yet even with this the tree can continue to grow. However that is a choice that must be made. Those children represent the fruit the tree can bear through love. At this point, this tree is a symbol for many things other than love. It stands for life, purity, and many other things left to interpreters.

But what happens to the tree if the relationship dies at the stage of the first flower? If one of the two people want it to live, then it will live. If they choose to hold on to the person they have lost and continue to care for them then the tree shall will itself to live. Some people never cut the bonds that people make. Their trees continue to live as they do. Sometimes the people come back together; their relationships wobble back and forth in limbo. In most situations, the tree is always being preserved.

Another question could be what happens when one dies? In a sense, it is the same as if the relationship died out early. Except if the bond was strong, enough that tree begins to represent the life of the one left behind. To most people left behind by their significant other, this tree and the love it emits is the only thing left to live for. The death of a lover can end the life of the other. The tree will only die once both lovers have passed on. Even then though, the tree could possibly live on through their children.

People will ask, “What about homosexual people, how do their trees live?” Well I answer with homosexual people never grow trees of love. Homosexuality is nothing but an evil lust between two people of the same gender. They can plant the saplings but their saplings do not grow into tall full trees. You could say their trees are that of the dwarf willow, a tree that only reaches a height of two inches in the world. People can say that this is prejudiced against homosexual people. I say that it is not. The facts I know about homosexuality and even bisexuality are enough to know that it is an immoral thing of this world.

Therefore love, to me, is the most full, beautiful tree in the world. A tree that you grow with the love of your life and is life itself to you. Love is unexplainable. But if that was the case, what am I doing?