The Friend Essay

Lauren - Pearl River, New York
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“And when the rest of the world walks out I’ll still be here…. I promise.”- Unknown. This quote is trying to explain that no matter what if you need someone you can always know that you can count on your friends to help you and be there for you in your time of need. This I believe is true; I believe that everyone deserves a friend no matter what. It doesn’t matter what skin color you are, what race you are, or what gender you are. If you see that someone needs a friend, be THAT friend.

What is a friend? A friend is a boy or girl in who shares the same interests in activities, movies, music, etc. A friend is a person who will always be there for you no matter what. They are there to make you happy or to just laugh along with you over anything that may seem like nothing. A friend is a person who wouldn’t make fun of you because you had a bad hair day, the pants you bought where out of style for over 3 months, or you accidentally walked into a door (as funny as it might seem they’ll ask you if you are all right before they start laughing)

This I believe is true. No matter what situation I’m in, my friends are there for me, and yes, I was that person that had a very bad hair day, and that bought pants which were as I recall “sooooo out of style”, and, yeah, maybe I walked into a door while someone was opening it and happen to give me a bloody nose. But no matter how much my friends would want to laugh, they always ask if everything is all right, and then maybe they laugh hysterically. I recall a time when I went to a Bamboozle; I met up with my cousin who brought a bunch of friends I didn’t know. But after spending time with them, it seemed like I have been a friend with them for years. When we all went to see our favorite band perform, there was this big mosh pit. Well, everyone was pushing and I fell in what I may say was the biggest mosh pit I have ever seen. This boy that I had just befriended grabbed me out of the way and helped me up. In a matter of seconds after he pulled me out of the mosh, this huge man just stomped down on the ground where I had fallen. See, I believe that a friend is a friend no matter how long you’ve known them; they still follow by what a friend would do. I am grateful for tat day when I met someone who not only can watch out for himself, but also can watch out for me as well.

I believe that everyone needs a friend, no matter what. A person could become so crude or mean if he or she may have nobody to talk, or to because he/she feels like that nobody wants him or her. But if you could find that friend that can just even take the time to hear somebody else’s story, it could change a life.