Individualism is Important to Young Adults

John - USA
Entered on November 25, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Individualism is Important to Young Adults.

I believe in the right of individualism. I feel that everyone needs the ability to be different from everyone else. There is no need for everyone to look the same or to aspire to be the same person. My parents forced me to attend private school growing up, and I found individualism hard to achieve due to the strict rules of the school. I feel that private schools challenge the ability of a person to individuate.

The standards of my school mandated several classes be taken by for each student to graduate. This caused every student and I to be forced into chemistry class. Forced into a class that I did not want to take, I found difficulty individuating. Although my intended career had nothing to do with chemistry class, the school forced me to take the class. I understand the requirement of science class, but why force chemistry class upon students? I asked myself on several occasions “Am I allowed the ability to express my interest as a student, or must I conform to the rules set before me?” Due to these circumstances, I lacked the ability to take several of the classes that interested me, which I consider a lack of the ability to individuate. I lost my motivation in these certain classes because of the schools requirement to take them, so I felt unmotivated to perform well in these classes due to lack of individualism. I feel that at school I deserve the right to take any class that I may choose. This belief causes me to feel certain that my children will attend a school which allows students to individuate.

Uniform policies create the next problem that interferes with individualism. If everyone goes to a school where they are forced to look like everyone else do they have a chance to individuate? I think they do not, and I feel that the use of uniforms really hold people back from expressing themselves. In my opinion, uniforms take away freedom and really tell you that you are not yourself, and they tell me that I am just like the person next to me. Individualism becomes very hard to achieve while taking the same classes and wearing the same clothes as everyone too. I find it very hard to individuate from classmates and other students with the restrictions of uniforms.

In conclusion I feel individualism is of vast importance. Private schools challenge the ability of person to individuate starting at a young age. Individualism should be a privilege, and it should not be hidden from people. I feel that the ability to individuate is one of the most important aspects of being human, and It should not be taken away.