Freedom and Independence

Stephanie - Massachusetts
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My mother was born in a small town in Brazil, where education was not presented to all especially woman. There the parents raised their daughters to find a good man to marry and take care of their kids. Her parents did not really encourage her with her studies. But she wanted more than just that, she wanted to be more independent, have freedom to do what she wanted instead of just staying home and taking care of the house. As soon as turned seventeen, she left her home to go get a better education and try to major as a teacher. She had to work as a maid in her aunt’s house since she lived in a big city where there were more opportunities for education and also in order to have a place to stay. She had to face many obstacles especially because she had a darker color. It was hard for her to make friends, because her school had a lot of racism, even her cousins did not talk to her at school they were ashamed. But those obstacles for her became small since she wanted to come back to her home town with and education and be independent. She fought for her dream and belief, she thought once about giving up since it was kind of lonely her life there but soon she found a friend who liked her for who she really was, did not care about her color or social status. Her friend helped her in achieving her dream since she believed that women had the right to be more independent from their husbands and have more freedom to do what they really wanted to. She worked very hard in her belief and after five years in the big city she finally achieved her diploma. She came back to her home town at the age of twenty one with her diploma as teacher and was soon offered a job as a teacher. It was a big accomplished for her as a woman in that small town and became an inspiration to the others to go for their dream in being more independent and educated. Even though hard times passed through her life she never gave up on her belief.