God’s Greatest Gift

Jacqueline - Oak Grove, Kentucky
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

God’s Greatest Gift

As I sat in the doctor’s office waiting to hear my test results, my mind begin to wonder. Was it going to be serious? The doctor came in and told me what I feared the most. He told me I had a touch of cervical cancer and it was not serious. How can it not be serious? I thought. He explained that it was detected early enough to be treated and removed. He proceeded to explain a procedure that I would need to have in order to remove the cancer. It was called laser surgery and could be performed right there in the office. He would take me into the exam room and before the procedure he would numb my cervix and then take a laser and burn off the cancer polyps on the outside of my cervix.

My heart was pounding a mile a minute. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. There I was thirteen and diagnosed with cancer. At the time I didn’t realize how serious this disease was. I had heard about it but never knew anyone who had it. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

As I laid there on the exam table, the doctor’s comments just kept playing over and over in my head. “You have cervical cancer.” What was I going to do? I really haven’t began to live yet. Now I face the possibility of not seeing the age of fifteen. I had a panic attack. What was really going on?

The ride home was the longest ever. As I gazed out the window, I closed my eyes and began to pray. If I never learned anything in life, I learned that if there is something you can’t handle in life, the Lord is there to handle it for you. I was once told the battle is not yours. After that prayer, a certain peace fell over me. I had no more worries. Even at the age of thirteen, I knew God was there to take care of me. All I had to do was just ask.

A few weeks later I returned to see the doctor. I was examined and again had to await my test results. This time when the doctor came in, he had nothing but good news to tell me. He informed me that the procedure was a success and there was no sign of cancer. He said I should be fine and if I had any other problems to come back. All I could do at that moment was give thanks to the One who granted me the gift of life. The procedure had nothing to do with removing the cancer. It was God’s grace that brought me through those trying times. And little did I know I had a lot more of trying times ahead of me. I never knew how valuable my life was until I almost lost it. Life is certainly something I will never take for granted again. Today, I am thirty years old and cancer free for seventeen years. I am a living testimony that God is good. For thirty years I have been able to experience the greatest gift God can give, LIFE!