The Influence of My Parents to Become Involved in the Community

Lee - Birmingham, Alabama
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: community

I believe in my parents influence on me to become involved in the community. My parents have always been the main source of guidance and encouragement in my life, believing strongly in helping others and doing their duty as citizens. Their influence has really shown me how important community involvement and service work is. Growing up, I have been involved in many activities outside of school such as Boy Scouts and Interact Club, because my parents have shown me the importance of being involved in the community by doing their part as good citizens.

When I was eleven, I joined a Boy Scout troop. My father has always been big on scouting and was a scoutmaster in troop 320. Seeing my Dad lead Boy Scouts really made me want to become one. I loved to see him perform service projects and find different ways to help out around the community through scouting. My mother was also very influencing as I made my trek on the way to Eagle Scout by helping organize service projects and always taking a big part in my fundraising activities. My parents were always helping me become involved in community service-work by involving themselves in my scouting.

In High School I became a member of the Interact Service Club. Currently a member of the Kiwanis Service Club, my father showed me how important service to the community is by taking me to his Kiwanis events. I would go with him to inner city schools and watch him teach young, less fortunate children how to read. This always showed me the importance of doing my part in the community and influenced me to join the Interact Club. With my mother being on the Mountain Brook Board of Education, I grew up watching her help improve the school system. The board always organized fund raisers and food drives to help improve the school system and contribute to the community. I have loved being active in fundraisers for Mountain Brook because my mother would show me their outcomes and how important they were to the community.

I have always loved taking part in the community and strongly believe in my parents influence to do so. Watching them perform service work has really influenced me to becoming involved in the community for myself. I strongly believe that my parent’s involvement and the activities that they take part in is the reason why I love doing it myself.