Kylie - Provo, Utah
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: Christianity

“Annie! I am having a horrible day. Can I please come pick you up,” I plead to the phone.

“Of course Kylie,” my best friend responds in her still sometimes timid, adoring voice.

My relationship with Annie seems strange, considering that our four years apart make her younger then my little brother, but our friendship is invaluable to me.

As a summer Girl’s Camp counselor, I was asked to make Annie my special project because of “her attitude.” When the girls arrived I automatically loved each of them. I spent every waking moment with them, especially Annie, who turned out to be the most stubborn person I had ever met. She would quietly hate the world, and hate camp.

However, as the week went by, Annie began to open up to me. We exchanged our deepest hopes, dreams, and fears. She would always express wonder at my love for her, and one day she said, “Kylie, I want to be just like you.”

This statement shook me to the core. Who was I to be someone’s lifeline, someone’s role model? Instilled in me was now the desire to never do anything to take that light out of Annie’s eyes, to never be anything less then the shining example she saw in me. She was my special project, the one I was determined to change, yet now to my surprise my dealings with others, especially Annie, required I live up to the expectations she had of me. I found I needed her adoration more then she needed mine. My determination to help her attitude by seeing the good in her turned into a need for her to continue seeing the good in me. In my quest to change a life, it was my own world that had been flipped upside down.

No matter how many activities I participate in I cannot find one more fulfilling then serving as a guide and mentor to my sisters in the gospel of Jesus Christ.