This I Believe

Cathryn - Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

I believe that people should have to obtain a license to reproduce. The human race should have to take courses and pass them in order to get your license. When a person reaches puberty a device should be implanted to prevent pregnancy. Once a person passes the final exam, then and only then, should they be aloud to reproduce.

This may sound cold hearted and infringing on the rights of American people but think about it, there is no occupation where people can work with children without having some kind of license or certificate but, anyone can have a baby. This could be a solution to a lot of the worlds’ problems such as, some abortion, child abuse, child neglect, and yes I’m going to say over population leading to world hunger and the homeless.

A wanted child has better experiences than an unwanted child, which can affect their behavior throughout life. A parent that doesn’t want their kids or have kids for the wrong reason usually doesn’t care enough to teach the kid any morals are right from wrong. Therefore, having this kind of prevention could help decrease the crime rate. This prevention also reduces the chances of abused or neglected children becoming parents and continuing the never ending cycle. This also reduces the risk of world hunger and homelessness because; people are brought up in a loving and positive environment that reduces the risk of a lot of psychological problems. These problems are caused by abusive or neglecting parents and make some people choose this path in life because they were brought up in environments that made them believe that is all they deserve.

This is no different than having the child taken away and put in state custody, this procedure prevents the child from going having to deal with psychological problems all their lives because of parents who really didn’t want them or realized they didn’t want them to late.