The Art & Science of Counting

Antonio - Austin, Texas
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: parenthood

My name is Tony Ramos and I am a CPA; a certified public accountant by training and trade. When children ask me what I do, I simply say, “I count things and the money that those things are worth”. It was during my training and the earliest part of my career that I learned to count these many things. As an auditor, I have learned to count ash, bullion, combustibles, distance, space and even time. As a CPA, I learned to place value on all of these things. I even learned how to remove value for things like death, depletion, depreciation, deflation, inflation, shrinkage, shortage, demurrage, destruction, and even desire.

But none of my training and none of my work experience prepared me for having a son; a child of my own. Try as I might, I am unable to place a value on any of his related parties. I can’t count the times I’ve looked into his eyes with wonder. I can’t count the hopes and joys that fill my heart every moment that I am with him. I can’t count the times I’ve prayed that I live long enough to see him as a man. I can’t count how many times he’s crushed my heart with a pained sigh, or a gentle smile. Those are the things I cannot count. No training can grant me that insight. No certification can grant me that right. And so, this, I believe:

What we cannot count is often what counts the most.

It is this sum of unknown quantities for which I give thanks.

It is for these un-enumerated miracles that I continue to pray, continue to live, and continue to count.