What would Audrey Hepburn do?

Chelsea - Charleston, South Carolina
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in taking cues from Audrey Hepburn. In my group of friends I’m the quiet, nice and responsible one. Some might say I’m this way because I’m boring or shy, but I beg to differ.

Since the third grade, I’ve been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. The motto, “What would Audrey do?” was on repeat in my mind years before Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl series adopted it. For a young girl, Audrey was more than a pretty face; she was a role model. I learned early that heavy make-up, suggestive lingo and a revealing décolletage wasn’t the only way to attract a guy. Audrey didn’t wear skirts too short or shirts too tight. She was too busy feeding hungry children throughout the world.

Surrounded by friends who transform themselves when approached by guys, I hold my own. I can mimic the pouts, eye flutters, even the “laugh like you’re having a great time,” but I don’t believe in luring people with false charm. There are many times I don’t get boys’ numbers, but with every resisted temptation, I feel more real. Audrey was herself, never perfect but always real.

Hepburn once said, “I have no idea how I got into movies with my looks.” Her modesty inspires me to project my real qualities instead of worrying about my appearance.

I love giving to others and being compassionate. My trick to winning people over is caring about them. I listen to their concerns, ask about their day, and make cards on their birthday. I recently drew a friend’s card showing her turning 21 in Miami with Marc Jacobs holding her Hello Kitty cake.

Audrey’s graciousness is another reminder to be grateful for all your blessings. I appreciate everything anyone does for me, even if it’s just opening the door. Stopping to value each act of kindness keeps me from focusing on the negatives.

Audrey stood for grace, hope, and compassion. This is why I turn to her when my conscience fails me. I want my word to mean something, so I try to make decisions carefully. With friends who make rash decisions to satisfy the moment, I try to think of the whole picture and possible consequences. I don’t consider myself a saint for staying to study for tests or refusing to go home with random guys, but I’m proud of my decisions. Keeping Audrey in mind keeps me on track when I can’t do it for myself.