I Believe Hope Is More Than Just A Feeling

Cameron - Lana`i City, Hawaii
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: hope

What exactly is hope? I believe hope can keep people alive and moving in the worst conditions.

Picture this, our truck died about a half mile for the fishing spot called Kaunalu. It is a spot with a 50-foot cliff and absolutely no shade from the harsh sun. It was so hot and sticky you could almost grab and hold the air in your hand. It was my 13th birthday so I a brand new, shiny, confusing fishing pole for my birthday and I wanted to try it out over there. We had trouble casting my pole because it would get in the most impossibly confounding knots and would take like 20 minutes just to get it undone.

After awhile of trial and error my dad had the idea to swim my line out. “ I can do it, it’ll be a piece of cake.” He said not really worried about the treacherous water down below. “ No don’t its way to rough,” I pleaded with him worriedly. He brushed my plea off and continued down the knife like rocks that made up the cliff. The water on the bottom seemed furious with us, crashing, smashing and thrashing the big turquoise-blue water onto the cliff. “This is a bad idea!” I exclaimed watching my every step. I climbed back up the cliff to watch the pole as he swam it out. From the top I saw him swim past the rough, foam filled ocean out to the deep blue water where the fish were, without fins or a mask!

He dropped the bait and hook and started back. Even from the cliff I could see the frantic swimming he was doing. I was hoping with all my might he would make it back safe. I knew it wasn’t going to do that when the big mouth of a wave swallowed him up and spit him back on the sharp rocks. “HELP!” he yelled. I ran down the cliff in about 10 seconds, hoping with all my might that I will reach him in time. I got to the bottom with the enormous waves crashing on the rocks. I knew I had less than 30 seconds before he went under. I reached the edge that was maybe 5 feet down to the angry water. I reached down and grabbed my father and pulled as hard as I could. I got him up and we made our way up the cliff to our headquarters. We had battle scars, but we were ok.

It was amazing we didn’t get seriously hurt or die. The insane riptide would have yanked my father out on a normal, flat day so it should have pulled him out like nothing on that rough, crazy day but it didn’t. I should have got hurt flying down that razor sharp cliff with just slippers on, but I didn’t. Something was looking out for us that day and because I was hoping and praying as hard as I could that day, I got wings and I flew to the rescue. I believe that if we were hopeless we would have both died. Hope is more than just a feeling.