I have always believed in God.

Alejandro - Peoria, Arizona
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

This I Believe Essay

I have always believed in God. I used to go to Bible study every Saturday morning and my parents took me to church every Sunday. I was always reminded by my parents that the reason we had a good life was because God provided for us. I believe that there is a God. A personal experience supports why I believe in God. My belief in God has been tested several times, but I maintained my faith.

Several amazing things happened to me when I was growing up that made me feel like God was always there for me by my side and still is. We were very poor. My father was the only source of income for the family. He used to work odd hours usually from six in the afternoon until six in the morning. He worked for an underground bus line where the buses were powered by electricity not gas. He made the tracks for the buses underground. He was paid for his work and for someone to help him, but he needed a helper to actually be there to get paid the extra money. He asked if anyone could be there as a helper. They said anyone. I was given the title of the helper. He would get paid for me to be there. At the age of six I worked alongside my father every night making bus tracks.

After school I used to do homework then I would have to get ready to leave with my father to go to work. At work I helped him with what I could, handing him tools and helping maneuver big pieces of metal. Sometimes my father had to leave to get material and left me there at the job site for one or two hours in the middle of the night underground. In the beginning I used to be really scared and counted the minutes for him to come back. I was always afraid that something would happen to him, and I would be left there underground. If I went with him, since I was small and tired, the trip would take twice as long. He would not get his work done, and he would not get paid. I used to pray from the time that he left until the time that he came back, but I always felt that someone was there. It is difficult to explain, but I felt like I was wrapped in this invisible shield. It gave me a sense of security, and I went to sleep. Sometimes I did not even know when he got back. Once I got tired, I slept in a wheel barrel. I put a stack of covers on the bottom and had one to cover me. Around six in the morning, we went home; I ate breakfast, and got ready to go to school.

I worked with my father for about three years. I did not have a normal childhood, but I do not regret it. Even at my early age I knew it was a way to help my family earn some extra money, but it was very exhausting and cold. I was always tired at school, but still did the work and got good grades. We lived through hard times but I do not remember a time when I didn’t have any food or clothes or a place to live. Like my father always said “God always provided for his children”. He always did and still does for us. Having God in my life helped me not to be afraid regardless of the challenges I faced as a child. Even today, everyday I’m challenged one way or another.

Knowing God exists and the challenges I faced as a child helped me during times of crisis, or when my belief in God was tested. Another instance was when my six year old sister passed away. She had been really sick for a while. I was living in Tahoe City, California, with some relatives at the time. Knowing how difficult it was for me to be away in the first place, my parents decided not to tell me until after she was buried. When I was told what had happened, I was very angry. I asked God why this happened. One night in a dream I got my answer. I woke up in tears. A voice told me, “She was suffering too much; I could not see her suffer anymore. I took her with me, and she is fine now.” Since then, I know that a crisis in my live happens for a reason and if I ask I can get an answer as to why. Challenges in my life have made me strong, and as long as I maintain my faith, I will be fine.