The only way out is up!

Dennis - Reddick, Florida
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: 50 - 65

For myself and, I believe, many others, the only way out is up.

In 1993 I was convicted of a non-violent crime and sentenced to ten years w/o parole. I was angry. Everything I had was taken away. I busied myself in prison reading and talking with the lifers and others with big time. These were the people that were most calm as they just wanted to be get by w/o grief.

Towards the end of my sentence I tried to get some help when I was released. The prison system was no help at all. I realized they did not want you to succeed. My non-violent body in their cell was money in their pocket.

I then remembered a show with Dick Cavett and the self -made millionaires he interviewed; such as Ray Crock from McDonalds, the man who started AAron Rents, Lears Jets, etc. Dick asked them what one thing they each had in common. The reply was that each one had been totally broke more than once. I remembered this and was not afraid to come out of prison totally broke.

I found a homeless shelter that would give me a place to stay for a month or two in order to get my life on track.

I found an organization that would retrain me for free. I was sent to the local community college to get my CDL. While there I found a part-time job at a car rental company at the local airport. I also found a charity that would give me a car to get back and forth to work.

I have stayed out of trouble since then. I am retired, own my own home and would tell anyone: The only way out it up.