I Believe in America

Nika - Brooklyn, New York
Entered on November 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in America. I believe that it we live in a land that believes in us, a country that empowers us and propels us to execute our dreams and realize our potential. How many times have we heard this platitude? Yet it’s true. Our country recognizes our inherent abilities, and our aptitudes and it nurtures us, helping us achieve.

I’ve traveled to many countries, and although they may exceed us in multiple standards that we have lost since the dawn of the nation, we possess a spirit that embodies each and every citizen, no matter how unpatriotic they might think themselves. European and Asian countries have national pride as well, but we know that our country was built on the foundation of dreams, ideologies, and fortitude and that will eternally separate us from those founded on conquering, property, and monarchy.

We are far from perfect, but we are reaching goals that five years ago no one would have ever thought we could strive for, let alone obtain. What country that has mocked us throughout our failed presidential administration can now look us in the eye and continue to laugh? We have proven that we are special, not faultless, we are taking baby-steps into the aspirations and codes of our forefathers, but we, unlike anyone before us, we established those dreams and intentions. Our country is in her infancy still and we mustn’t disregard years of perspiration and determination. We have fought for our liberation, we have earned Her.

I can live in a country in which I can prosper and change. Me, a girl in a wheel chair, and dependent on so many, and become independent in only one place. People respect me, because of the values they are taught, ethics that were instilled in the heartbeat of our nation in the seventeenth century. This is the place where a deaf, blind, and mute child became one of the most powerful women of our time, where a lonely, orphan, can be not only a first lady, but one of the most well respected people of our time, where when someone speaks their dream, no matter how long it takes, how much adversity we have to overcome, they will see their dream come true. We are the real life Disney Land, the true Make- A- Wish Foundation, the absolute fantasy.

When Barack Obama, won the 2008 election I cried. I cried for all the people who paved the road for this miracle and who would never get to see it happen, but I knew that they must have known America was capable of it, or they would never have fought so hard. I cried because we proved ourselves once more, to a world who saw us in a different light. We are heroes once again, we are an exemplification of the “American Dream.” I knew that when my 79 year-old Aunt Jean, in Portland, Maine voted for Obama, that we were truly remarkable and place where someone can finally say, “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer.”-Barack Obama.

I am finally, and once again proud of being American!