korea’s got soul

Bradyn - fort collins, Colorado
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My kindergarten friends and I always tried to scare each other. One of the things we tried was to sit in a dark room and pound on the walls and make funny noises to try and get a person so scared that they would leave the room. In the middle of that room there was a crib, it always had a pink bunny rabbit stuffed animal that was always at the head of the bed. One day, our teacher called us from out of the room to eat lunch. Right after we were done eating we went back in the room and the bunny rabbit was know at the foot of the bed not the head. All of my friends knew for a fact nobody moved the bunny, not even the teacher. So who moved it?

I believe in my soul. My soul is why I am a breathing living person. Everyone in the room knew no living human hands touched that bunny rabbit. Since that day I have thought that a spiritual being moved that bunny. I think that spiritual being was in fact someone’s soul.

My greatest fear is the fear of nothing. I have always been scared that when I die I just float in a vast emptiness of nothing. I then realized that my body was the only thing that would float in space, not my soul.

Since I believe in my soul I do not fear the future. As of this point in my life I do not believe in a religion. I might believe in one later in my life, but for now I just think that if a book tells me I live on past this life then that’s fine with me.

My friends and I of course thought that a ghost moved the bunny. It never had to be a ghost it could just be like I guy from the 1800’s playing a trick on some kids. I don’t know how the past works, but once again as long as there is something past this life than I believe that this life is worth living.