I Believe in Family

Nick - centennial, Colorado
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family. What is it? What does it really mean?

As a teenager, I can tell how many of my peers abuse the thought of family. I’ve learned, the hard way, what family really is, and what family really means. Family, or the idea of family, is battered by so many people, and it’s definition needs to be rethought by many in today’s world.

I thought I knew what the meaning of family was. That was about until I was eleven, or just starting sixth grade; when my family suffered a loss of a family member, that made my family, or what I thought was family at the time, alter from six to five. My family had to adapt to this change.

My dad died of cancer of the liver in October of 2005, after going through two rounds of chemotherapy for melanoma. He was diagnosed with melanoma in the spring of 2004. After fighting through with chemo, the doctor’s told us that he was better and that he would survive. This was in the spring of 2005. Throughout the summer, he gained his strength back but when the summer was close to an end, he began to weaken. The cancer had returned. About the time school started, we were informed that he had about two weeks to live. The cancer had reached his liver, and there was a little spot of cancer on his liver. But because of how quickly cancer multiplies, there was nothing that medicine could do, so going into the hospital would have only made his life a few weeks longer, and with him staying at home, there would be more time to spend with him.

This event changed my interpretation of family. I now believe that family is not just people you live with, or people you are related to, but that it is something absolutely different. Family, to me, is people that are always there for you. The people that will always matter. The people that make your life worthwhile. My friends are my family; my family are my friends. These two words are synonymous. This I believe.

Family changed so much in my mind. Family won’t always be there. But the people that are closest will. It’s so hard to lose those closest friends, that when they are lost, there are a lot of changes in life, as well as changes in people’s lives who barely know the ones that were lost. When I am gloomy, my family is dull… when I am in high spirits, my friends are content… Whatever I am feeling, my family feels, because my friends care about me. Everything that I have to go through, my family will be there. Everything my friends go through, I will be there for them. Because at some point, they will feel as I have felt, and they will be looking for help. I will be there for my family. I believe in family.