This I Believe

Jeanna - Wellington, Florida
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

12:34 on a school night lying down on my bed, thinking, stressing, and worrying. All these thoughts in my head! How am I going to get my grades up? How am I going to get my best friend back? Will she forgive me? How am I going to tell my parents that I’m not going to break up with my boyfriend? Am I ever going to tell kyle my biggest secret? Am I falling in love with him? God, I hope my brother doesn’t blackmail me! Hope I don’t fail that stupid business class. What do I want to be when I grow up? God help me…. all these thoughts are giving me a headache!

Now its 2:17, gees I still cant fall asleep! So I get up, put on The Fray CD. Song number 1, my favorite… “How to Save a Life”. Music is on nice and low. I love this this song. Then I lay back down on my bed. The sound of the piano is relaxing me, the sound of his voice is relaxing me. My mind is starting to take me away, taking me somewhere else. My eyes are closed, I’m singing the words to the song, my mind is relaxed. I’m on a journey now, I’m dreaming, I’m imagining, I’m visualizing. Wow this is great! I’m picturing my life at the best. Still close with my best friend like it use to be, my grades are great, Kyle and I are at our happiest, and seeing myself successful. I believe that music is the best healing medicine ever. I’m no longer thinking, stressing, or worrying. As I’m on this journey I start to believe in what I’m dreaming, I start to believe in what I’m visualizing. I start to have faith that this can be my new life, I can make this happen. What you think about is what you bring about right?

That music wasn’t only a healing medicine that healed me, it was also a medicine that motivated me. That song saved my life. That song took me to a story, took me to a dream, took me into a journey. Yes imagination is everything, it’s the preview of life’s coming attraction….

Beep, beep, beep my alarm clock went off. I finished getting ready, I’m about to leave for school, but before I walked out that door, as I had my hand on the door knob, this feeling made me close my eyes for a while, and I started to remember the journey I had last night. Once I opened that door I took a deep breath and a good look outside and thought, its time to stand up to my parents, its time to tell Kyle how I feel about him , and its time to decide what I want to be in life. Yup its time to change my life around, now let’s get started…let’s get started….