Heather - Katy, Texas
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Movies. That any types of movies can make miracles.

My family is very busy, before Dustin, my brother, left to go to college we had a very hectic schedule. Dustin and I were both full time high school students, and we both worked part time jobs. My dad is an engineer so he would leave work as I left school and wouldn’t get to home till around six and my mom is an administer for B.P. (British Petroleum) would leave before I would wake up and get home around five p.m. so we all had our own things to do and did them.

As my brother and I got older, we were never home. We never intended it to be that way but with trying to balance school, work, and friends, everything seems to come before family. When my brother and I were out with friends, my parents started to rent movies. On one Friday night they rented a movie that happens to be one that my brother and I wanted to see. So my brother and I made a couple of phone calls canceling our plans for the night to stay home and watch a movie with the parents. And after we went out to some ice cream and just had an awesome Friday night with the family.

After that one night, we always seem to find time for movie night on Fridays. Even if they have to watch the movie before nine o’clock because my brother or I have major plans that we don’t want to cancel. So we all have time for our friends and social life, but we always have time for family now. To this day we still have movies nights, it might not always be on Fridays but we always have one day when my brother is back from college to just sit down and watch a movie and enjoy the time we have together. So movies are what I believe in, for the bond it brings to families whose life is very hectic.