The Power of Action

Travis - Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Recently, I find that the world has become a place filled with unwarranted criticisms and unfulfilled solutions. It seems like everyone has something to complain about and always believes that they can do a better job. Yet, whenever I ask these types of people to act on what they believe, they back down instead of rising up. This is why I believe in the power of action.

Now, one would assume that everyone believes in this power of action, yet one would be mistaken. Throughout the world, thousands of ‘leaders’; whether they are the Commander in Chief or a radical hippie, have been criticizing decisions made everyday. Sure, these leaders continue to offer solutions on how to solve their problems, but criticism offers nothing tangible without action. And when I say this, I am not trying to bash other people’s ideas. I am instead asking people to act on their ideas. Without action, creative and innovative ideas will go to waste.

I mean, just think about what the world would be without right now if no one had acted on their beliefs. In fact, one could even say that action is the sole reason that humanity has advanced since the caveman era. Remember, if the caveman hadn’t acted on his instinct to create fire, fire wouldn’t exist. Now, take that example and apply it to practically every other advancement that humanity has experienced. Edison wouldn’t have invented the light bulb if he didn’t act on his belief that electricity could produce light. The airplane wouldn’t exist if the Wright Brother’s hadn’t acted on their belief of commercial flight. And the creations of physical objects are not the only creation of action.

The United States of America would be the United States of England if the founders of America didn’t act on their belief in independence. Racism would still exist if Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t act on his belief of racial equality. It is obvious that the power of action exists everywhere in our world. Yet, people continue to offer empty criticism which benefits no one. My guess is that if everyone acted on their criticisms, I would live in an ideal world. However, I cannot make someone act. The only person who can act on his or her beliefs is the actual person. With that being said, I hope that after reading this, you will become proactive and not merely reactive. All I know is that I will impact the world. And I will make this impact through my actions. Will you? This I believe.