I Believe In Wishes Coming True

Danielle - Spartanburg, South Carolina
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: hope, illness

I believe in wishes coming true. Her name was Kimberly Thatch and she had just one wish, to make her own CD to tell her story about her battle with leukemia.

My parents and I were one of the many people to take on raising money for this girl from all around the Greenville Spartanburg area through the Leukemia Lymphoma Society in connection with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. When we signed on to the project we had no idea what we were in for when we began going to meetings and training for a ten mile run, to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii. After a few training sessions and meetings we were all passed out information about the Make-A-Wish Foundation and many stories about kids’ wishes to do great things when they have life threatening illnesses. We began to raise money for the organizations. My parents and I went door-to-door and mailed out letters to all of our friends and family in an effort to not only raise money but to get word out about the cause. The response we got after a few weeks was tremendous.

Finally, we found out who and what we were raising money for, Kimberly Thatch. She was diagnosed with leukemia when she was four. She underwent harsh treatments for the next few months, which badly weakened her immune system. She then, at the worst possible time, caught the chicken pox, which made her condition even worse. While in the hospital the tiny four-year-old girl had her own catch phrase, “never give up!” She stayed positive through the entire process, helping her get well enough to go home. Over the next four years her leukemia stayed in remission. Her wish was to release her own CD called “A Voice of Hope” through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her incredible story gave me more strength and determination than I had ever had.

As the Donations kept coming in daily we started counting out the money and getting ready to go to Hawaii for our run. We ended up raising almost twelve thousand dollars in total.

The last step in our long journey was approaching fast. We packed our bags and headed to Hawaii. Once there we attended a benefit for all the runners in the race. At this benefit we sat in anticipation for what we had worked so hard for, to hear Kimberly sing. When she got to the stage she told her story and spoke to us with the most amazing confidence and conviction. The one thing I remember over everything else she said was “never give up.” Then she stood up there and sang her heart out, while the whole room burst into an emotional flow of tears and hope. The experience was so powerful for my parents and I, the next day we all ran our best times yet in the race, together. Wishes really can come true, this I believe.