I Believe

Lana - Levering, Michigan
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe

I bellieve in the poor child. I believe the poor child will prevail. I know because I was a poor child. I was like the little engine who could. I kept pushing forward. While some thought they were above the world, I carried the world on my small shoulders. I was the child who through my circumstances obtained strength andwisdom. The one who by my humbling experiences acquired tolerence, and patience.

In a world with so much to have, I had very little. Yet, I skillfully made use of that which I did have. I felt small in a world where materialism is glorified, and people are often measured by their wealth. I leraned bravery as I made a stand each day in that world. Instead of virtual reality games and toys, I had to face the very real reality of my situation. Yet, I was a high-spirited child. I had a boundless imagination. I dreames of places I had never been and all the possibilities brfore me. My reality was about surviving each day, but surviving is where I gained my strength. I may not have went on vacations or to dance or music classes, but I had time to reflect in solitude and obtain wisdom and logic through my thoughts. Some who are borm privaleged, have opportunities handed to them. I who lived in poverty seked and searched and made opportunities for myself. I did not get to start out at the top but rather started out at the bottom and worked my way to the top. Surviving hardships, I had gained wisdom, strength, bravery and patience.

Many powerful leaders, inventers, and gifted entertainers have risen from poverty. They often give credit to the lessons they have learned through growing up poor. I think people should think before they judge someone for what that person has. More people need to look for a person’s strenghts and talents. You may be judging our next great leader. I also think more parents should teach their children less about the value of money and more about the values of the heart.

Sometimes the things taht are unseen are worth more than money could buy.