I believe the power of a kind and loving community can be healing

carrie - Davis, West Virginia
Entered on November 23, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

As I sit on my couch with a heating pad on one leg and an ice pack on my knee, I know I am gifted with a view of a tiny snow covered street in a small town full of concerned and caring people.

I’m 50 nowand after years of snow skiing crashes and mountain bike falls I had to have a total knee replacement two months ago.

The hospital staff all commented on how young I was to have this operation. That being the only painless part of all this.

My employer and work team have all called and e-mailed and most have come by the house.

My mother and best friend came for weeks to help me and keep all things in order and my dogs out from under my crutches. She and I were amazed at how many folks would come to check in on us or bring gifts and offer any kind of help. This went on for weeks and continues. Just yesterday I opened the front door and caught my friend Rob shoveling over 10 inches of snow off my porch and walkway.

When your recovery is slow, and mine is, walking becomes difficult and frightening especially on ice.

Good people in my community car pool me to rehab three times a week,call from the grocery store to see if I am short on supplies,fill up my spring water jugs, drop by dinner and walk my dogs!

These are all gifts many people have to pay others to do for them.

In this small town of Davis West Virginia you are safe in the hands of a loving community.