This I Believe

Kristina - Okemos, Michigan
Entered on November 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: addiction, change

This I Believe

As I laid on a hard bed with a thin blanket that barley covered my feet, I realized that everything happens for a reason. I overdosed on medication. The doctors didn’t think I’d survive. Somehow I stayed alive and had no choice but to ride in an uncomfortable ambulance to a rehab center.

Once I got to the center, I had to give them everything I brought including myself. I was so scared I could barely make it inside my room. It was the loneliest room I ever stood in. The next morning everyone shared stories of how they ended up in rehab. Everyone’s story was very touching and eye opening. I realized everyone there was a normal kid too, they just had some problem that needed to be fixed.

Later that afternoon I was pulled out of a group session and taken to my room. When I went inside my dad was standing there holding a bag from Panera. He had driven up from Indiana to see me. I started to cry, my dad never missed work and we hadn’t been on good terms since seventh grade and now I was a junior in high school. I was so surprised he came to see me, and brought me my favorite food. I was starving because the food there was awful but I was too overwhelmed with emotions to even care. He hugged me and we held each other crying. From that moment on our relationship changed forever, and I changed forever.

I was a new young lady now with a different outlook on life. I became more mature and realized what’s important in life. I spent less time worrying about popularity and what other people thought, and more time with my family and people who I cared about. I started to talk to my dad on the phone and visit him once a month. Now we talk at least once a day and share our feelings and thoughts with each other. Communicating has helped us understand each other and helped our relationship grow.

I now have passions and dreams. I have goals that I want to achieve in my life and thank god everyday for giving me second chance at life. I don’t take things for granted and love helping others. I believe everything happens for a reason and I ended up in rehab to learn the importance of family and the value of life. My experience helped me open up to my family and the world around me. If I didn’t go to rehab I would not be the same strong, independent, happy young lady I am today with a great relationship with my Dad.