Life is too Short to worry about the little things

Zachary - Bowling Green, Ohio
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe…

When most kids were worrying about how they did on their last test or how they look today, I was busy worrying about weather I would wake up in the morning or about my health, while the rest of this was still in the back of my mind it was not the most important. This is because throughout my short life so far I have been diagnosed with two self inflected (your body attacks itself). Because of this I believe that life is too short to worry about the small things such as how we did on tests or what we look like.

I believe the way that I do for many reasons but mostly because once I figured out what Diabetes was my life changed greatly the first time that I noticed was on a trip to my grandmother’s house we stopped at a MacDonald’s and after I at the chicken nuggets I was still hungry this was the first time that I have ever noticed because my parents kept telling me that I am not allowed to eat any more. This happened around when I was roughly five years old and to a five year old this is something that can’t be explained to them because at age five we are too busy thinking in the present than in the future. Then I started going over to friends houses and playing with other kids like every little kid does but as soon as sleep over’s started I couldn’t go any more because I was too young to give myself the shots and my parents wouldn’t want to put that pressure on someone else, again this is unexplainable to a five year old. The fact that you have to get shots and you can’t play with your friends, it seemed like god was against me the whole time but as time goes on you learn that these things are giving to you so you can grow up and learn things that other people might never know. This was the time went I learned that you need to be able forget about the little things such as another hamburger and look at the big picture that you are healthy and living this sounds weird coming from a kid that is seven, but that’s why I think that it was given to me to make me a bigger person. After some time (roughly nine years) of living with this disease I learned how to control it and everything was going just fine until that strange night that I woke up and I was in the hospital with IV’s in both arms. I had no clue what was going (and I don’t think that the doctors knew what was going on either though) on besides the fact that I have been sick for some time. After spending almost four weeks in that damn hospital they finally told my parents and I what they thought the problem was, they said I had Addison’s Disease which means that I have to take medicine three times a day or I will end up in the hospital again. So a few weeks later I got to go home again and had been given another disease to deal with. This was yet another blow to my moral because not it messed with the diabetes and I had to take all this medicine. This story can go on forever but I will just end right there, because of these few things that have happened to me I have learned much from them to better my life.

These diseases have helped me to not get stressed out about the little things in my life such as how we do on testes or how we look. It has taught me to forget about the little things and focus on the bigger picture like I am still living and that my family loves me and that I have someone special to me in my life. I wish that people could know what I think about everything in and why and let them see what I see ever day but not to wish the two diseases on them. So this is why I Believe that life is too short to worry about the little things we need to look at the big picture instead.