Little Changes

Rachel - Madison, Wisconsin
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

I believe the same changes in are every day life can help the environment. Think of everything you do a day, there’s lots of small changes you can make without any problem. Some things will even help you save money. For one example think of gas and how much money that is right now. If you take less small shopping trips and one bigger one that saves a lot of gas witch cost a lot right now. Also walk or bike as much as possible because driving pollutes the air.

Here is some simple ways to help the environment. Turn off lights when you are not using them. Also gets some energy saving fluorescent light bulbs. Use more natural cleaning products because other cleaning supplies give off harsh chemicals that pollute the air. If you get a High Efficiency washer it saves a whole lot of water and uses less detergent to save you money. Getting a high water pressure nozzle for your shower saves water to. In summer open your door and windows to get some wind in to cool it down so you don’t have to use your air condition. If you like to burn candles use soy candles because normal candles give of toxins in the air and the wick is sometimes made of lead. Soy candles are made of soy and cotton wicks so it clean burning and they last longer. When you go grocery shopping and they ask you paper or plastic say neither and use reusable cloth bags. One of the biggest and most common one is recycle. So those are some ways to help.

What got me started in helping the plant is just my love for animals. Then I started getting involved with the local animal shelter. I stared then wanting to help the earth. I just think there are so many things out there to help the plant. Some has simple as small changes in live that can even save you money. Just think if every one turn off a light for five minutes at that same time that would save so much.

Have you ever see so people that are wealthy and could help the plant so much. Some people do but some people don’t. So everyone one can help no matter who you are and we could use all the help that we can get. Think of all the animals you could from monkeys to polar bears. Just get out there and help you will feel good about it, trust me.

I just think everyone needs to realize that that plant is not “healthy” so just make a couple small changes. It’s not hard and its so easy so just help the plant.

“Little changes can make a big difference”