The Theory of Chessism

Lennon - Madison, Wisconsin
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


I believe in a theory I made about three months ago called “Chessism.” It’s out there but it a viable solution to the things that happened around the world. Currently the world is in panic, the stock market has crashed, and global warming is killing the world’s animals and life as we know it. People and companies have kept the technology a secret in order to gain profit. Examples would be big oil and the organizations that are higher than the president, meaning the ones who control the president’s decisions. I will refer to these organizations as “The Patriots.”

My theory is that life in the world, and more specifically the U.S., is like a chess board. The people of the U.S are the pawns, convinced by propaganda and told that the news is true. The president is the rook, a piece that has some power but not much. The knights are the military, convinced that fighting for the country and risking their lives is the best way to protect the people of these United States. The bishops / messengers are the news, easily able to tell the people that things that are not happening are (and vice versa), to keep us living in fear. The queen is the church, the strong force that is a resort to many in the world. An unstoppable will to keep everyone from insanity. The King, the essential piece, this king is the patriots. The people who if taken down the world will fall or be freed. Those who kill and ruin lives in some places but give riches and good health in others. Those who abuse power and probably don’t care about anything. And finally the board, the board is history. If flipped over history would restart. And who could flip the board? Only the king if he forfeits.

The board will work together and fight against each other. Do the white pieces not attack the black pieces? Every piece on a chess board has an action. Pawns, defenseless, are used to simply make small attacks. These groups are environmentalists, rebels, conspiracy theorists, gangs, spiritualists, and small groups. The pawns and bishops are also rich and wealthy, fighting against themselves. The Rook, a fake leader but has enough power to take and control not just the pawns but a small amount of the Queen. The rook is a piece that can only attack in straight lines he has no ability to change his mind. I could spend all day talking about the pieces, but I want to concentrate on the board. The board (life) is controlled by the king/patriots.

When a player turns over his king he forfeits and turns over the board to be able to reset the pieces. This action in real life rewrites history. Part of my theory is that this has many, many times. WWI, The Cold War, The Nazis, the crisis in Darfur, and global warming could have all happened before. What if there were no Nazis or Americans what if there weren’t humans? Science could have been told over and over tens or hundreds of times. Making my point more plausible would be that after a long conversation about this you feel the need to stop talking about it. I have thought about that to, what if after the board was flipped evolution slowly forged our brains to not be able to handle these kinds of things? Maybe evolution decides our fate.

What I want the readers to take out of this is that life is unknowing and if you want to venture to find the truth you should not be tricked by the richest people and the government. I know my theory is very, stretched but it is a thought that you can choose to believe or not.

We cannot prove anything. We are the Pawns to the King. Don’t let them flip the board again.