Dont Be Scared

Melissa - Tacoma, Washington
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Don’t Be Scared

I believe that the fear of difference has haunted Americans and stopped us from reaching our full potential.

I believe if American was not afraid due to nine eleven there would be no war at this time. I believe if America would be bold and take another approach to finding the people that attacked our country, they would be held responsible for their actions. That way Americans could look forward instead of living in fear of what is to come.

I believe if America could invest more energy in ourselves we would not be as disliked by other cultures. I believe if other cultures respected America they would be more supportive of our actions.

I believe our fear from nine eleven has put America in a vulnerable situation that is going to be difficult to pull out of.

I believe this has affected the everyday lives of Americans as well. I see a change in the way we approach each other and how there is a loss of respect for ourselves and our communities. I believe if Americans could get over this fear our society as a whole would prosper. I believe people would be inclined to commit more random acts of kindness than violent crimes committed by different levels of fear.

I believe that out of all countries America has the most potential and I believe the more we let our fear conquer us the more we will see our economy decline.