God The Father And The Holly Spirit Is Always There For Me

Chonnell - madison, Wisconsin
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was a little girl about four or five, my mom, grandma, and I would go to what my grandma called God’s house. I called it church. We would all gather around each other. We would pray for sick family members, and those who need help. We sang the same songs every Sunday. My grandma told me I always loved going.

Up till today, I still go to church. I go to church every Sunday. Sometimes I go on Wednesdays. We do most of the things we did when I was a little girl. We pray, we sing, we even cry. It is common for most people to catch the Holy Ghost, the way you feel when God has touched your heart.

I do not just go to church to pray, but that’s the main thing. We learn about what God did for us, about how we got here, about new scriptures, and what we can do to go to heaven. We can get baptized to wash away all our sins. We do a lot during Sunday school. We have a teacher and a class room just like we do at Georgia O’Keeffe. We have a teenagers’ class (ages thirteen to sixteen), we have a preteen class (ages twelve to ten), and we have a kids’ class (ages nine to six). Other kids stay with their parents.

I feel God will be by my side at all times. When I need him or when I do not. God helps me to do well. I feel he talks to me when I need an explanation or some advice. When ever I need him or even just want him, he is there.

God has helped me as a person in all ways. He helped me realize he will answer your prayers. He helped me realize if someone you love has passed away, they’re safe in heaven. I realized any thing is possible. Now I know I can be my self and every one will accept me for me.