No one should be angry for too long

Lonnie - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Entered on November 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When someone’s mad at someone, they tend to not talk to them as much as possible, avoidance, arrogance, and ignorance, all take place without any solutions to the problem, any closure, and no real understanding to their reason to be mad. I was once one of those people to get mad and stay mad at someone for long periods of time without any good reason, Than I thought about my reasons to be mad and couldn’t really find a good one and in time lost the friend that I had no reason to be mad at, thus developing my mindset to change into believing that anger and madness isn’t really needed in a world trying to make friendship possible, this is why people should not be mad at someone else for longer then a week.

My mother is an average intelligent person, on the middle area heading to pass her prime, and although she is somewhat smart on many occasions, she doesn’t understand the simple fact that she is not smarter than me anymore. In fact, my mother believes it so much with a point, she recently took a habit to look up new dictionary words and use them on a sentence at me, thinking sometimes I might not know the word she said or what she’s trying to say. This didn’t upset me in anyway, it’s the fact that her sentences usually didn’t make much sense with the words she was trying to use, and as I got mad to a point where I just couldn’t take it anymore, I let the emotions out by telling her what’s going on, too bad my mom is strict at the theory that, although she is older she has the jeans, making me just go to my room without hearing the truth that she’s scared to realize. I feel as though the mother-figure and the “son to care for” bond that we had is slowly weakening and it’s due to the inner madness we both have that we can’t let go away.

An ex-friend of mine, as I was told she was, recently took offense to me and decided to stop talking to me but not about me, for the rest of the time we’re alive. I took the time to look up the facts on why she or I would be mad at each other, and it turns out the goods reasons to be did not outweigh the bad reasons, but it was too late to tell her, since she didn’t listen, so in the end I have the truth but she looks forward to the lies.

The shenanigans that cause people to mad are really irrelevant in life, but although they are, they cause us to overlook the false purposes, not knowing that the unneeded madness could easily have ended so long ago, if they got rid of it.